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There is an interesting Council meeting this evening. I plan on attending part of the meeting, because it is my son’s 11th Birthday and I am reluctantly attending to apply pressure on city council to take action on an amendment – paving the way for rebuilding the Gazebo on the Square - from Councilman Blake to the 2018 Budget which would read as follows:

“To add Section 2 to the existing Ordinance 17-61 which would read as follows: Section 2: That of the funds set aside and appropriated herein at Section 1 and as attached hereto in Fund 100 General Fund, Department: 111 Transfer Out, the sum of $50,000.00 shall not be expended for any purpose other than for the construction of a new gazebo on the Courthouse lawn in downtown Newark, Ohio.”

As of right now, no other member of Council is reportedly willing to second to motion, which would put it up for a vote. Mr. Blake expects that the motion would pass if it at least gets a vote, which would mean the Mayor would be forced to veto it if he doesn’t want to let the people have our gazebo back.

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Available Agenda

This Week’s Available Minutes

Budget Review (Not Available)

Planning Commission (Not Available)

School Board (Video for the 11th is unavailable, and Minutes for November)

Stay Tuned…

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