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A Letter to the Working Class

My name is Daniel Crawford. I am the son of two hard working citizens from different sides of the political spectrum. My father – who is still living - was a Military Police Officer who later became a truck driver for over 20 years. My mother was a Nurse’s Aid who later helped create a family cleaning business with my stepfather and helped manage it until her health took a tragic turn for the worse. My first job was delivering “The Advertiser” around Newark, Ohio with my family when I was 11 years old, followed by helping with the family cleaning business (called “H & S Cleaning Service”) later that year through to when I was 12. When I was 15, my mother told me that I needed to find a job so that I could learn the value of work and I did so at McDonald’s. My father is a diehard Republican, and my mother was a proud Democrat. Both were raised in union households. I was raised to appreciate and fight for the right to organize primarily by my mother, who was never content with backing down. She was the most determined human being I’ve ever known when she set her mind to something. When the cancer took her life at the age of 49, it came as a shock to me, and it was perhaps because I had always seen and known her to fight relentlessly.

Why do I tell you all of this? It’s because I am prepared to take these lessons of hard work from my parents, of appreciation for the working class and our right to organize, and of never backing down from a fight to the Statehouse in Columbus. I’m a write-in candidate for State Representative, looking to offer a pro-working class alternative to the anti-working class agenda represented by rightwing extremists such as Thad Claggett. I want to serve you because fighting on behalf of the working class is what I’ve wanted to do since I was very young. It’s in my blood.

I’ve been homeless before as a child, I’ve seen what having utilities shut off can do to a family, and I know the pain of being unemployed. Worrying constantly as you live paycheck to paycheck is something that too few in power understand or respect when they write laws which favor the wealthy. I can wholeheartedly pledge to you that I will never forget where I came from. I will never relent in standing up on behalf of democracy and the right of workers to be heard and treated as human beings.

If you are tired of feeling like our government never listens to us, then join this campaign. If you desire a future where you can count on those in power to be there when you need it, then join this campaign. If you feel like the time has come for our state and country to finally become the “shining city on a hill” that we’ve always been told it is, then join this campaign.

This isn’t just a campaign to elect a candidate to office. This is a campaign to send a message. I hope that I can be your mouthpiece for a collective loudspeaker, your tool for change, your servant in the halls of a government which has grown too used to ignoring us.

My name is Daniel Crawford, and I am running as a write-in candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives, to represent District 68. We can do better than Thad Claggett. We can do better than the corrupt system that he represents. Be sure to check out my website at and share this message with everyone you know. Let’s win this together. Thank you for reading.


Daniel Crawford

Write-In Candidate for Ohio House District 68

Visit the Website. Donate if you can. Contact me anytime. Share this message. Onward.


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