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We have had quite the busy past few weeks. With the Mayor’s decision to remove the Gazebo despite broad public opposition and without Council having a chance to weigh in, many citizens of Newark have organized to be heard. This is part of a concerning pattern which must be addressed. Look for this engagement by the public to continue as we seek to hold our officials accountable and remind them that they serve all of us at the end of the day.

In somewhat related news, my efforts – with the support of my fellow Charter Review Commission members – to promote a council action to create a Charter Review Study Group for the purpose of extensively exploring the pros and cons of nonpartisan elections will take a first step to becoming a reality this Monday via the Rules Committee!

Regarding the campaign for School Board, as I mentioned on my last post I was not in attendance at the October board meeting because of the urgency of the Gazebo issue at Council that same night. Even so, the recent board meeting is available by way of its YouTube video as shared below. We have just over a week remaining to the campaign and I am feeling very good about our chances. Onward!

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Available Minutes

School Board Video – October 16th Meeting

This Week’s Available Agendas

Stay Tuned…

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