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The Weekly Informer (2/14/16)

On Monday, February 8th, 2016, at 5:30pm, the following transpired:

Committees (Descriptions sometimes as they appear on facebook page.):

  1. Finance (Members present, Marmie, Cost, Fraizer, Rolletta, and Bubb):

  2. Resolution No. 16-13: which authorizes $1,000 raised by the fire department to be used thereby for the purpose of purchasing an ATV. Result: Motion by Bubb and Seconded by Fraizer. Passes 5-0.

  3. Resolution No. 16-14: allowing Mayor Hall to apply for a Local Government Safety Capital Grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency. Barbara Gilkes said that this grant was created by the State last year and that the application will be due next month and that it “…is a grant that will fund vehicles, equipment, facilities or systems needed to enhance public safety. Each political subdivision can request up to $100,000.00. There will be a match amount but it hasn’t been published yet, that will come out this month.” Result: Motion by Bubb, Seconded by Rolletta, passes 5-0.

  4. Resolution No. 16-15: Allowing the JAG Grant - which comes from the State - amount of $6582.29 to be allocated towards the Police Department's Overtime budget for use in the downtown area. According to Barbara Gilkes, this is all we can ask for this year and “It will be running from February through August although Chief Connell is going to concentrate the OT in the warmer weather months because that is when we have the downtown activities.” Result: Motion by Bubb, Seconded by Cost, passed 5-0.

  5. Resolution No. 16-18: with an emergency clause, permitting Auditor Johnson "to pay bills on behalf of the Fire Department Chief pursuant to section 5705.41 (d)". Full quote by Fire Chief Connor: “This is a fire department training that is mandated by our medical direction. The reason that we are here today is because of a change in vendor providing the training to us. The W-9 was not completed in time and the training was date specific. Our certifications were expiring within a few weeks. It is just an oversite on one of my staff to make sure the W-9 was taken care of before we actually received the training however we have had the training and are all recertified. We need those funds to pay that though.” Result: No questions. Motion by Bubb, Second by Fraizer, passes 5-0.

  6. Resolution No. 16-19: with an emergency clause, permitting Auditor Johnson "to pay bills on behalf of the Utilities Superintendent pursuant to section 5705.41 (d)". Chairman Marmie speaks on behalf of the administration (full quote): “Mr. Hickman is here on behalf of Roger but it is basically very similar to the resolution that the Chief just had. The Mississippi Line Company didn’t get the purchase order in prior to the actual performs of that so this paperwork is necessary to make the Auditor’s books correct.” Result: No questions. Motion by Bubb, seconded by Cost, passes 5-0.

  7. Capital Improvements:

  8. There was no business for this committee. Result: *

  9. Service: (Members present: Rath, Cost, Fraizer, Rolletta, and Bubb)

  10. Resolution No. 16-16: allowing Director Rhodes "to enter into a Master Land Reutilization agreement with the Licking County Land Reutilization Corporation to facilitate the reclamation, reutilization, and rehabilitation of vacant, abandoned, tax-foreclosed real property". Director Mark Mauter says that this is a land bank agreement – complete with a memorandum of understanding, with the bank consisting of a board of "Olivia Parkinson, Mayor Hall, Commissioner Bubb, Commissioner Flowers, and resident representative Joe Hart" - between the city and county to make “unproductive properties” productive again. This will be done by the Bank acquiring properties via “donation, forfeiture, foreclosure or in lieu of foreclosure”. This will require no spending by the city. Result: Motion by Bubb, Seconded by Fraizer, passes 5-0.

  11. Resolution No. 16-17: with an emergency clause, for the Thomas J. Evans Foundation, grants "a temporary easement at parcel # 054-286500-02.000, located at Evans Boulevard". According to Brian Morehead, this easement is for “…build[ing] a construction roadway back to the proposed bridge that we are talking about with the Safe Routes to Schools project. The bridge is over the diversion channel to serve Legend and Liberty Schools.” Mr. Morehead also says that the emergency clause is included because the administration wants to meet a bidding contract with ODOT. Result: Motion by Bubb, Seconded by Cost, passes 5-0.

  12. Safety:

  13. No business for this committee. Result: *

  14. Personnel:

  15. No business. Result: *

  16. Recreation:

  17. No business. Result: *

  18. Street:

  19. No business. Result: *

  20. Rules:

  21. No business. Result: *

  22. Economic Development:

  23. No business. Result: *

  24. Ways and Means:

  25. No business. Result: *

Further thoughts:

You will notice in looking at this Tuesday’s agenda that all but three of legislative acts before council under the first reading will be voted on at that meeting. I have been a vocal critic of this expedited legislation and will continue to be. I realize that life is unpredictable and that deadlines must be met, but it communicates – at least to me – that we are seeing inadequate preparedness. Sending legislation to the Mayor for approval just six to eight days after it is first introduced in the public’s eye deprives the public of their right to review and weigh in on the conduct of our city. On another note, I have to make an observation. Isn’t it noteworthy that all the discussion about the B.S.L. is largely absent from the Council’s Chambers a year after we saw a packed house week after week. No, the citizens who filled up that room haven’t given up or forgotten their struggle. They live with the consequences of inaction on a daily basis. I have to ask, what is the hold up with council? The election is over, the votes are supposedly there for a repeal. When is this going to happen?

See you all next week. Thanks for reading.

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