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Coronavirus Disruption

I fully intended to do my regular update of the "Nerk Informer" on March 16th, but the insanity created by this panic in response to the Coronavirus completely changed my plans for last week. I usually use those updates to remind each of you that there is a City Council meeting and while I know a meeting still took place I felt it would have been improper to encourage participation when the CDC clearly advises against gatherings of more than 10 people.

As many of you know, I work retail, and we in the retail industry have been at the epicenter of the panic induced by the uncertainty surrounding this virus. We have no idea who is sick and who isn't out of the hundreds (if not thousands) of customers with whom we have interacted since the beginning of this mayhem, or even before it started for that matter. For all I know, I could have the virus right now, but I have no way of finding out because testing is not widely available nor is it even being encouraged (unless you are a celebrity or an elected official in state or federal government, apparently, but I digress).

Please know that my regular updates will resume as soon as possible. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves.

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