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I feel like I should be in attendance for tonight’s council meeting (the committee meetings are starting now as I type this from home, in fact). However, I am in recovery from a stomach virus I contracted over the weekend and feel it would be irresponsible of me to go to a public meeting where I could possibly get others sick. Even so, I strongly suspect that Council will vote tonight (though, I hope I am wrong) on the proposed raises for the Mayor and other elected executive officials (alongside some appointed executive branch officials). I strongly urge Council to pass ONLY what is required of them by our State Constitution and State Law. It is NOT required that they pass a pay increase for people who were JUST reelected. If they want to debate increasing the pay of our Mayor’s office, Law Director, and Treasurer, then they should do so next year when the increase would affect those positions when the next term starts in 2024. Otherwise, this isn’t about increasing the pay to attract quality candidates, but about doing a favor for the men just reelected instead.

Moreover, the City is poised to debate next year’s budget tonight in committee. I will have to read the minutes of it all…thanks to my health. Very important meeting. Hope others can attend.

Until next time.

Here are this week’s documents:

To see Council Minutes and Agendas:

To see School Board Documents:

This Week’s Meetings

Full Council


Capital Improvements



School Board (December 9th)

Stay Tuned…

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