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An Endorsement for a Better Way Forward

Fellow citizen of Newark;

My name is Daniel Crawford, a citizen of Newark for most of my life (lived here since 1995), former candidate for City Council (first in 2015, then earlier this year) as well as School Board (in 2017) and you are reading this because I wanted to say a few words about the upcoming election on November 5th. This fall we have will have a chance to vote for Mayor and City Council (as well as a number of other local offices). I ran for City Council in 2015 and then again earlier this year because I recognized that our local government is having a hard time listening to the average working class citizen of this City. While they remain preoccupied with making the Square look nice (and it does look nice) and with tearing down our Gazebo and moving it far from the heart of our City (all decided in discreet conversation, paid for in secret, and contracted with no bids) our neighborhood streets continue to crumble, our police and firefighters continue to be understaffed, underpaid, and overworked, desperation plagues our streets as our lack of accessible in-town living wage jobs, absence of public transportation, and increasingly unaffordable housing contributes to escalating homelessness.

So, what I want you to contemplate is a better way forward. At the top of Newark’s “ticket” this year is a choice between the incumbent Mayor, Jeff Hall who’s serving his second term and running for a third, and his opponent, the current City Councilman for Newark’s Second Ward, Jeremy Blake who’s serving his second term in that office. Blake offers a way forward which is not conducted in the dark, but which welcomes the input of the people of Newark from all walks of life. Blake will be a Mayor for all the people (and it doesn’t hurt that he supports returning our Gazebo to its rightful place). Additionally, City Council’s three At-Large seats (the seats which represent the entire city) are up for grabs. The three incumbents – Ryan Bubb, Mark Fraizer, and Bill Cost - are running for reelection while three challengers – Jen Kanagy, Seth Dobbelaer, and Jeff Harris - are vying to represent the people starting in January. Let me briefly explain how I hope you will vote.

Bill Cost has served two terms in City Council and while I had run in a primary earlier this year hoping to replace him on the ballot and while I disagree with some of his past decisions, I have found that Bill is a reasonable public servant who tries to go out of his way to make himself available whenever he is invited or when citizens want to speak with him. I’m confident that he will continue to reflect these values should you decide to give him a third term.

Seth Dobbelaer is the youngest candidate running here in Newark, but don’t let his youth fool you. Seth is intelligent and a good listener. Do we agree on every issue? No, but he is determined to give a voice to Newark’s poor, fight for low-barrier housing (a cause he is personally championing) and for stronger safety forces. Elect Seth and I am confident you will see a bright young man in office to be proud of.

Finally, we come to my good friend Jen Kanagy. Jen is a registered nurse and a very outspoken advocate for the homeless and the otherwise disadvantaged. Last winter she and another friend founded the Newark Homeless Outreach which made a difference in no less than a hundred or more lives since they started their mission to make a difference. Jen ran for Council in the 3rd Ward two years ago in a close race wherein she passionately fought for the working class, public transportation, stronger safety forces, and transparent government. If you elect her I promise you that she will serve the people of Newark first.

Don’t forget to vote!

Paid for by Citizens for Daniel Crawford, Treasurer: Daniel Crawford 163 S. 2nd St., Newark, OH 43055

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