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I will likely miss the committee meetings tonight, but will be present for the full council meeting. I had an impromptu parent-teacher conference for one of my kids and it set my schedule back a little. Wednesday is the filing deadline for candidates. The Board of Elections certifies candidate petitions next week. I will provide my two cents about the state of the race once we know who all the candidates are. Also, the school board is meeting tonight – where they appear poised to approve a tax renewal levy (see edited note below*) -, but it conflicts with the Council meeting, so I can’t attend that.

More updates to come soon!

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Meetings

Full Council

School Board



Economic Development

Stay Tuned…

* Edit (2/6/19): Above, I stated that it "appeared" as if the school board was poised to approve a new tax levy. It has come to my attention that the measure voted on was merely a routine acceptance by the Board of Education of tax rates which have already been approved. I apologize for any confusion that may have been caused prior to this polite clarification as presented to me by Mr. Seth Roy. I aspire to be both transparent and accurate, as I believe that such is essential to ensure a properly functioning democracy. This is why I try to leave my original comments intact while underlining where I get things wrong if and when I do. I appreciate the input. Thank you.

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