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Only Two Terms

On New Year's Eve, I posted a video wherein I made a pledge for this campaign and every campaign for any office I seek going forward. I pledged to only seek two terms for this office or any future office I may pursue. Now, I say this even as someone who personally opposes mandated term limits (I believe they are undemocratic, arbitrary, and that it should be up to the voters to determine when an officeholder seeking election no longer deserves to serve). My reasoning for deciding this is that I believe you deserve better than someone who gets elected and just campaigns endlessly for reelection to that office until they either get bored with it or they die.

This pledge is made in addition to my long-standing pledge to never use any elected office as a stepping stone to another so long as I have an unexpired term. That older pledge comes from my frustration with politics as usual wherein many career politicians exploit the honor you bestow upon them to advance their political resumes. If I am to be elected to any office, it will be the only office I want to worry about while I serve and I want to be clear that I won't allow myself to be too comfortable in any office for longer than two terms. By the way, that is a lifetime self-imposed term-limit.

So, there you have it. And, feel free to screenshot this and use it against me if I ever take action to betray this pledge.

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