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I will be in attendance at tonight’s council meetings and should be able to attend all council meetings from here on out. I wanted to resume attending school board meetings last month but ran into some schedule conflicts doing so. They meet next week, but I won’t be attending that since it is my daughter’s 10th birthday next Monday. On the next council meeting (and probably tonight, even) I will be making some remarks to Council. That Monday – October 15th – will mark the 7th Year anniversary of the founding of the 99% of Newark and East Central Ohio which was created after a gathering I organized that day at the Gazebo on the Square. Moreover, I will highlight that anniversary to remark on the fact that it has been approximately a year since the people of Newark learned about the swift plans to dismantle the Gazebo followed by the very act of doing so in the middle of the night.

I mentioned a few months back that I came across some information that I was contemplating how to present to the public. This came in the form of an anonymous letter from the author’s own independent investigation into some information pertaining to the decision surrounding the Gazebo. Considering that I don’t know the background of the author I feel compelled to ask Council and the Mayor some questions about what they seemed to find. I will present this to everyone via this site by or on the 15th before the next meeting. Without any further delay, here is your periodical update.

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Available Minutes

This Week’s Available Agendas

Stay Tuned…

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