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It will be a busy day in politics today. I will not be able to attend either the school board or council committee meetings because I will be attending a town hall event for a congressional candidate named John Peters. With respect to that, I am the Communications Director for Mr. Peters and we will be live-streaming the event. Regarding Council, I am not sure why the minutes for the most recent meeting are not available. It was an interesting meeting wherein the Mayor was inexplicably absent. One citizen made it a point to ask members of council to reveal whether they have accepted any campaign donations from a man seeking a zoning change to put up a billboard, and another citizen kept the pressure on Council regarding the gazebo by holding up a sign asking who paid for the removal and why (one member of council – who happens to be a Republican, for the record - after the meeting politely told the lady that she would have to ask the Mayor those questions).

Oh, and by the way, as a result of the official action taken by council at this meeting, there will only be two meetings a month starting in March, unless they decide they don’t like this (as if the majority of them will suddenly decide that they want to have more meetings a month once they get used to this new pattern). On another matter of interest, we are now almost halfway through February and we have still not yet heard anything further about the formation of a study group to explore nonpartisan. I might have to remind them of the pledge that was made late last year.

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Available Minutes

Full Council (Not Available, as of this post’s publishing. I will share the minutes if and when they become available, for now here is the video of the meeting)

Finance (1/29)

Service (1/29)

Safety (1/29)

Rules (1/29)

This Week’s Available Agendas

Stay Tuned…

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