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There are an interesting number of pieces of legislation which will be voted on under special council rules during this week’s city council meeting. Very little time for the people of Newark to review or respond to what the city is doing beyond what we have read in the Advocate. Additionally, one of the first two issues that will receive a vote at the meeting is the question of whether Council should grant itself an 11% pay raise. I have an honest question: should elected officials be empowered to determine their own pay? Wouldn’t it be better if they, like most of us working people, had to make an appeal to their employers – meaning WE THE PEOPLE – for such a raise? Doesn’t this proposed pay raise sound a tad insulting considering that we in Newark are constantly reminded by these same officials of how tight the budget is (by the way, the budget is tight, and that’s the point)?

Make yourselves heard. This pay raise should be defeated.

Here are this week’s documents:

This Week’s Available Agendas

Full Council

This Week’s Available Minutes



Stay Tuned…

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