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Final 2017 Charter Review Commission Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2017

Charter Commission Meeting called to order at 5pm.

Members present: Daniel Crawford, Chase Ghiloni, Harry Yocum, Rhonda Loomis

*Jill Goddard, absent however sent her votes by email to President Ellington and Chairperson in the event of voting on the items on the table.

Ms. Loomis asked if members were ready to vote on the discussion points culminated from the meetings, and the Administration. All members stated yes. Ms. Goddard’s email was produced and included in the voting.

Mr. Crawford requested that the first item on the agenda for vote, Partisan vs Non-Partisan be held until the final vote. Mr. Crawford gave his final discussion, push on this issue. In his opinion had the election process been “non-partisan” voters in the 7th Ward would have been able to vote on a candidate of their choice in the primary. Because the no Republican turned in a qualifying petition, and subsequently the Independent also failed to turn in a valid petition, unless you have a Democrat label by your name, you had no choice in your ward representative. Mr. Crawford reiterated that Mr. Fennell was an excellent candidate and will represent the ward very well and this was in no way a reflection of his immediate win after the primary of the seat in the 7th Ward. Mr. Crawford feels strongly that those with the Republican and Independent label because of partisan politics had no say without changing party affiliation, which many just won’t do.

Mr. Ghiloni urged Mr. Crawford, dependent on the outcome of the Charter Commission vote, to carry on the passionate argument of partisan vs non-partisan.


· 9.01 Cabinet members appointed by the Mayor not required to live in the City of Newark in order to serve. (ORC 735.01). Discussion held that anyone chosen could in fact live outside the City and the requirement be waived as it has been in the past by council. After a reading, the vote was held and this issue failed 5-0.

· Section 4.15 A & B Publication of Ordinances & Resolutions in the newspaper. Clerk making and retaining a certificate as to times and places legislation published as required in subsection A – Discussion held and Mr. Ghiloni strongly urges the City to begin the transition to website notification and allow the public to acclimate to this new version of reporting. After a reading, the vote was held and this issue failed 5-0.

· Section 4.12 Zoning Ordinances Section A – remove the language that states the Planning Commission can’t conduct a public hearing earlier than 15 days after Council has referred as application establishing, amending, revising, changing or repealing zoning classifications, districts, uses or regulations to the commission. – Discussion held that if any changes were to move forward this would be an item that would be considered as well. Because the City departments can make internal changes to make language match, it isn’t seen as urgent. After a reading, the vote was held and this issue failed 5-0.

· Article XI ~ appointments of various boards and commissions – Discussion held that this should be sorted out in Council’s Rules Committee. After a reading, the vote was held and this issue failed 5-0.

· 4.14 ~ The Charter and council “shall” pass….without council having the ability to weigh in on the changes going to the voters in November – Discussion held stating that after being a part of this committee and knowing that the voters ultimately decide on the changes, this isn’t a flaw in the Charter. After a reading, the vote was held and this issued failed 5-0.

· 13.01 Partisan vs non-partisan elections – Discussion by Mr. Crawford in which he stated now that it is apparent if passed this would be the only issue on the ballot in regards to the Charter and a change, which would give the city and the citizens six months to thoroughly discuss and research. The voters could ultimately decide if they wished to have non-partisan elections and if it was voted down, then it would stop coming up every Charter Review Commission session. After a reading, the vote was held and this issue failed 4-1 (Yocum, Ghiloni, Goddard/email, Loomis nay, Crawford yea).

The 2017 Charter Review Commission submits no changes to the City of Newark Charter.

Each member was given a letter from President Ellington thanking them for their service on this review board, and he thanked the group for working together and for giving their time.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm

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