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As always, the School Board still hasn’t published the minutes of their most recent meeting. This week I ordered some campaign material for distribution as I go door to door. I also upgraded this website so that you can easily find it by typing in my name. Regarding the Charter Review Commission, we meet again a week from today at the Council Chambers 5pm and will hold a final decision on at least the issue of nonpartisan elections. Presently, on my campaign facebook page you will find a pinned status wherein I am asking for citizen input on this particular issue. I will be circulating information to my fellow commission members in an attempt to advocate for getting partisanship off of our ballots and will share it here when I complete the compilation of said information. Also, I will be delivering a prewritten speech next Monday before the vote in a last ditch effort to persuade a vote in favor of this amendment. Without any further delay, here are this week’s documents:

Last Week’s Full Council Meeting Minutes

This Week’s Agendas:



Stay Tuned…

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