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Well, if the Newark Board of Education has been meeting or planning to meet since early January, it is a mystery to me. Reason being, that they haven’t updated their website to reflect as much. In fact, nothing on the Board website’s calendar has any meetings slated at all in the near future. I will try to keep everyone posted in the event that this changes. Likewise, the handling of internet-accessible documents for our city government are equally becoming increasingly unreliable and even confused. For instance, there are presently no available minutes – as of this update’s publishing – for two of the committees which met at council this past Monday. So, I will share the YouTube video of the meeting in case you want to see what those committees discussed.

Anyways, here is the information you came here for:

Agenda for Tonight’s Council Meeting

Minutes/Video for Committees which met this past Monday: Finance, Service, and Full.

Stay tuned…

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