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It's been a couple of weeks, but here I am once again to bring you the information you need to hold our city accountable. Council has been off for two weeks due to this being a five Monday month, so the last time they met was the full council meeting on the 17th. Interestingly, and I'm sure this was a mistake, the minutes of that meeting are not available. Instead, what you find when you look through the list of "Council Materials" are duplicate copies of that night's agenda. Thankfully, there is a video available, but it doesn't contain the specifics as to what the Council was weighing.

Likewise, the Newark School Board has proven to be reliable at one thing (if nothing else): not consistently providing documentation for public review online. The minutes for their previous meeting and the agenda for the next meeting are missing. This should be addressed.

Anyways, here is the information you came here for:

January 17th Council Meeting Video

Tonight's Committee Meeting Agendas for: Finance, Capital Improvements, Service, and Safety.

Stay Tuned. Until next time...

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