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Due to the meeting I had to participate in for the 99% of Newark and East Central Ohio - wherein we reflected on the defeat of the Democracy Day initiative in November and resolved to press forward with an extended educational effort and outreach to the community -, I missed last Tuesday's Council Meeting. Also, I didn't realize that the Newark School Board met this past weekend, and while they have not yet published the minutes thereof (I hope to do so if and when they become available, but I wouldn't hold my breath as this body has not proven reliable in publishing their minutes and agendas) I will instead share the agenda from this meeting. With that, here are the following:

1) Newark City Council Meeting from 1/3/17 (no minutes have been published, so a video will suffice)

2) Newark School Board Agenda for 1/7/17

3) Newark Council Committee Agendas for (1/9/17): Finance, Service, and Personnel

Until next time, stay tuned.

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