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About the Election

The following are comments (edited, slightly) I made in the early hours of this morning via my personal facebook account:

Let me come clean here. On Saturday, the Advocate published a letter to the editor of mine wherein I argued that Hillary was going to win. Regardless of the broader message of that letter (which was meant to inspire continued activism beyond the election, and was not meant to brag about Hillary at all). When I submitted this letter to the editor, it was by the due date for election-related letters and was a full week before the Comey revelation about Hillary-related emails came out.

I admit now that I [was proven wrong]. This confidence about a Hillary victory was due to the groping scandal promoted by the media, the supposedly-insurmountable lead suggested by the polls, and by me forgetting my lessons of history as it relates to populism vs. the establishment. As I [have previously shared], months ago I warned that Trump had a very good chance of winning if he entered the general election as the sole populist candidate in opposition to Hillary Clinton; who arguably represents the political establishment.

[I] congratulate [President-elect Trump] and his supporters [and plan to] take action as a citizen to help bring this country back together. No, I will not blindly support all/most of his policies, but I will honor the office, respect our political process, prepare to continue the good fight, and call for all my loved ones and fellow citizens to follow suit.

I love this country! I love democracy! Most of all, I love my children! Thanks for reading.

P.S.: If the stock market tanks [today], I will be the first to call them out as un-American. We need to put our country, not our wealth, first.

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