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The Nerk Informer (9/12/16)

As you may remember, I was unable to attend this past Tuesday's full council meeting because it conflicted with something else on my schedule. I have reviewed the minutes thereof and have at least one comment about it. On Resolution 16-77, which authorized the administration to advertise for an upcoming city auction, Councilman Rath explained that the piece of legislation needed the "emergency clause" to permit ample time for promoting such. He also pointed out in defending the use of this clause that the auction has "become a quarterly event". My only question is this: if we are coming to anticipate an auction once every three months, then why is it that we must use the emergency clause every time? Just a thought.

Tonight, in council, at 5:30pm, the following committees will meet: Finance, Service, Safety, and Streets.

Until next time...

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