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The Nerk Informer (7/18/16)

There were a group of committee meetings (Finance, Capital Improvements, Service, and Ways and Means) at 5:30pm on Monday, July 11th. Normally, I would offer slightly detailed highlights of what transpired, but a number of factors contribute to my inability to do so. During the meeting, my pen ran out of ink as the first committee was convening so my notes were nonexistent. Secondly, the agendas and the minutes for most of these committees were either inaccessible or mixed up with the agenda/minutes of another committee. Suffice it to say, unless I re-watch the video of this meeting, I will not be able to give my usual report of what transpired.

In the future, I will be careful to always bring a back-up pen with me so that this mistake may not be made again. In the next edition of "Nerk Informer", I will include the details for the legislation passed out of these committees - such as the specific appropriations in the money spending measures - and to be featured in tonight's meeting. Regarding the meeting on the 11th, at least two highlights come to mind.

First of all, a measure was discussed and passed which contemplates yet another annexation proposal. It seeks to annex about two acres of Newark Township. This begs the question: why do we keep adding to Newark's responsibilities when we are so strapped for cash in maintaining the property we have now? In my humble opinion, there should be a moratorium on annexations until we rectify our current crisis in financing our infrastructure and providing that our safety forces are adequately equipped and staffed.

Secondly, on the issue of said financing of our needs, the Ways and Means Committee featured a vote on Councilman Fraizer's proposal for a one mill increase in our property tax. The vote was on whether to send the proposal to the county for certification - as is required - before it can be considered by council and then the public. During questioning, Councilman Marmie expressed some of his concerns for Councilman Fraizer's desire to earmark funds for Parks and Recreation. Fraizer noted that he feels it is important to maintain this part of our cities if we hope to continue our progress, but Marmie was not convinced that this should be a priority and he reiterated his skepticism about earmarking funds in any tax proposal since Council retains the power to defy said earmarks in the future. In the end, the Committee passed the measure on to the County for certification by a vote of 2-1 (Hall was the lone no-vote, with Marmie joining Bubb in voting yes merely to allow the County to review it).

Sorry that this wasn't more detailed about what was considered and passed, but I will try to improve upon this in the future. Thanks for reading.

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