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As I just shared via my blog, here is a list of principles that I believe every politician should uphold. You can rest assured that I will honor these throughout the course of my service to you:

  • Respecting and bowing to the principle of Popular Sovereignty.

  • Recognizing that no one individual or party has all the answers.

  • Conducting yourself honestly, respectfully, and with an open mind as you present your ideas and confront opposing viewpoints.

  • Recognizing the value in the people’s input; whether such involves communicating about matters in need of attention or in offering advice as to the best means to rectify such.

  • Recognizing that democracy only works when the exchange of ideas is all-inclusive, and that it is not a politician’s job to force public acceptance of their vision, but rather to present such to the people for their consideration while preparing to carry out their will regardless of whether or not they agree with you (the only exception being when human rights are affected).

  • Encouraging civic participation in the entire political process, especially when their viewpoint differs from your own.

  • Relentlessly defending the right to dissent.

  • Promoting, strengthening, and expanding access to adequate education.

  • Maintaining transparency in your political actions, keeping secrecy at a bare minimum so that the people can be empowered to hold you accountable.

  • Recognizing that you’re a “public servant” and that the office you hold or seek ought not to be exploited in any way (legal or illegal) for personal gain or for the gain of a few.

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