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Here's your roundup:

Last week's Council Meeting Minutes

Tonight's Committee Meeting Agendas: Finance (There's supposed to be a packet, but it only shows the same agenda), Service

I'm presently undecided as to whether I'm going to the Council Committee Meetings or the School Board Meeting. It is also possible that I won't go to either since my kids seem to be developing a cold. On Council rejecting the fact-finders report for the F.O.P. contract, I am presently waiting to learn more about that before I form an opinion of it.

Lastly, tomorrow night is going to be an interesting meeting for the Licking County Democratic Club. I am presently the Acting-First Vice President of the Club, but I am seeking the President's position to try and help steer the party in a new direction. I will report here on what comes out of this effort.

Until next time. Stay tuned.

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