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On March 19th:
Nominate Daniel Crawford
for Licking County Commissioner

Pro-Environment * Pro-Democracy * Pro-Union * Pro-Working Class
Pro-LGBT+ * Pro-Immigrant * Pro-Police Reform


Hi! Welcome to my official campaign website.


 A little about myself before you look around to figure out who I am.


 I am a father of two awesome children (Austin born in '06, and Madison born in '08). In the fall of 2013, I finished four years at Ashford University to secure my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Government alongside minor degrees in History and Public Administration. My mother, who passed away at the age of 49 in May of 2012, was a great inspiration for me as a father, laborer, and now as an aspiring public servant.

 When I was about to turn 16 years old in 2001, she made me find a job so as to teach me about the value of work. Ever since, I have spent all but about two years in the workforce. She also - as a single mother - instilled in me a dedication to my children and their well-being, even if it means that I must sacrifice my own. As for public service, she showed me - via her compassion towards others - that one must be selfless when considering the needs of your neighbors.


 Since I was 18 years old, I have been politically engaged. I fell in love with the political process when I was 12 after a history teacher had my sixth grade class track the results of what turned out to be President Clinton's reelection. As an adult, I've been an activist and have dabbled a bit in "writing". Currently, I count myself among a number of activists involved in a constant campaign to liberate our democracy from the clutches of money.


 Make no mistake about it, I'm not naive enough to think that we are at a point where a "post-partisan" politics is possible. However, I do believe - as did our Founding Fathers - that compromise is essential. I say this as a left-winger with principled stances (as you'll see by navigating the issue page). In the end, we are all in the same proverbial boat here, and we will either sail towards prosperity together or sink into the abyss of societal decline together.


 We need a change of direction, and I hope that you will join me in shifting gears.



Daniel Crawford

Aspiring Public Servant



Father  -  Activist  -  Proud Citizen 


Getting the Word Out - Until Election Day

Newark, OH


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I was one of four children (the photo above was taken before my little brother was born). Growing up, I learned the value of family, as well as community. After all, what is a family if not a microcosm of a community?

My mother, Starla Kay Moran (Maiden Name: Hunter), was the most compassionate and generous person I've ever known. She taught me everything I know about what matters in life: love and hard work.

Austin and Madison, the best part of my life by a mile, inspire much of what I do today. In thinking about the future I want for them, my campaign for public service has their interests in mind as well as yours. In the end, they are part of this same community.

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