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Making the System Work


Proactive Government

Sure, some might cringe at the use of "proactive" and "government" in the same sentence, but I sincerely believe that part of the problem with the system right now is that it appears to react to issues as they become impossible to ignore as opposed to actively seeking them out before they become a nuisance. What I want to do in office is remain vigilant on your behalf by maintaining a constant line of communication with the community. Tell me what you think needs to be addressed, and feel free to offer some ideas as to how we should address such. After all, you're the boss!


Democracy at any level of government is virtually ineffective if the people do not have a reasonable expectation that their elected officials are accountable to them. Beyond the ballot box, it is important for you to know that the people you send to office care about your needs and won't be distracted when attending to them. How I plan to avoid such "distractions" is by limiting campaign contributions to no more than $3000 per individual or PAC for each campaign, and by refusing any donations which comes from corporations. Furthermore, I believe that an elected official should be held to account for the promises they keep and break. So, I pledge that all my promises will be made in good faith to be guaranteed by way of ensuring that I will repay every dime of campaign donations as well as what I am compensated as your servant in the event that I am found to have intentionally misled the people.


Speaking candidly, I'm a partisan. However, I believe that strict partisanship has no place in governance. Yes, there are important issues which need to debated, and values which need to be protected, but a great disservice is done when one opposes an otherwise reasonable measure just because your political adversaries support such. At the end of the day, when the debate is settled, it's best to find common ground in the interest of all.


What good is the notion of "accountability" if a system is not transparent? I realize that some matters must maintain a level of confidentiality for certain reasons, but my primary concern here is that too little openness in the process of governance breaks the sacred trust between the people and their government. By electing me, you can rest assured that I will forcefully advocate for a truly transparent government including opposing unnecessary efforts to enter into closed sessions and even voting against any measure - regardless of whether or not I support the purpose thereof - which is a product of same said unjustified secrecy.

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