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Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks since I have updated all of you. In the wake of my loss in the primary I have needed a moment to unwind and enjoy life. I seriously pondered going to the council meetings tonight, but I ultimately decided against doing so. Reason being, that I need to take a little more time away from politics. I have been almost constantly involved in politics since I graduated from college in 2013, and in light of the loss of my grandmother, my late-mother’s birthday, and the primary loss on the anniversary of my mother’s passing, I have concluded that I need at least a month away from the fray.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still somewhat involved. I have a new political podcast with a good friend and mentor of mine (the podcast is called “Issues and Answers”, and it is available through, I’m still a board member and current Vice President/Vice Chair of the Board of the Freedom School of Licking County. I also occasionally chime in about politics through social media, but I need a break from all the meetings. Starting in late June, after a much-needed vacation with my kids and life-long friends, I will resume my attendance at these meetings (Council, School Board, Party, and others, per my availability).

I will also begin canvassing for my friends who are still running for office this year; particularly Seth Dobbelaer, Jen Kanagy, and Jeremy Blake. I also plan on supporting Councilman Cost’s reelection bid, despite the differences I have had with him in the past (yes, even on the controversial Breed-Specific Legislation, where he and I were in public disagreement). He has always treated me with respect, and he has always made himself available when I request an audience with him. Even so, I plan on talking with him about where he stands on a number of the issues that I care deeply about, and I hope that I can come away feeling confident in advocating for him without hesitation. I will also be discussing these things with Seth, although I am planning to canvass on his behalf based on what I already know. I have no doubts about where Jen stands and where Jeremy stands on the issues, and that is why I will be wholeheartedly canvassing on their behalf.

This year will be a busy year, for sure. While I may not be a candidate for office any longer (at least not in this cycle), our work is FAR from finished. There are still streets to be paved, living wage jobs to be created, quality, affordable housing to be developed, public transit to be adopted, drugs to get off our streets, and countless homeless citizens in need of attention. Building a Newark for All was never just my campaign slogan for this campaign. It is an enduring mission which transcends any particular bid for office. My ambition to see Newark move to nonpartisan elections and to become more transparent in the conduct of its government was more than a pitch for my election; these are central to making this system work for every man, woman, and child in our community.

Moving forward, I assure you that I will not relent. So long as I am alive and see injustice I will be front and center alongside each of you demanding action. I just need to regroup before getting back at it. We all need that from time to time. Thank you all for standing with me and supporting my efforts. My cause is to you all empowered and to remind those who serve us…that they serve us all.

Until next time.

More updates to come soon!

Here are this week’s documents:

To see Council Minutes and Agendas:

To see School Board Documents:

This Week’s Meetings

Full Council



School Board (Monday, June 10th)

Stay Tuned…

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