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An update

In order to get on the ballot in May, I need to collect 50 valid signatures by February 4th. As of right now, I have 42 signatures, of which I am absolutely confident in the validity of about 30-35. My goal is to get 150, though I feel that I will be safe should I reach at least 70. Thanks to the help of two volunteers - in addition to my weekly efforts to canvass each ward -, I believe that there should be no reason why I won't have everything in time.

Meanwhile, I continue to attend City Council meetings every Monday (with the full council meeting every first and third Monday, and the committees convening on the second and last Mondays of every month). The most recent council meeting was long, but highly educational. While it may be about two and a half hours long - with the executive session having been an additional half hour -, I seriously recommend that every citizen watch the video, available at the Advocate's website.

I have my own views about what was discussed, but we'll get into that as the campaign progresses. I likely won't be posting again until after the holidays, so I just want wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

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